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Peter-Jeremy Nightingale is a Rainbow-Warrior on Skye, living a life-after-death, to help free readers from the influences of seriousness and deathly-silence.

Non, nein.

1st Sept 2002

After getting my legs swept-up from under me, by some ninja-dude in the street, making my head meet, toute-suite with the paved floor- I think I’ve proven beyond a doubt that I should NEVER get drunk again. I get far too mouthy.

I’ll end up killing myself or inciting someone else into doing it for me! Just need to smoke a little. Also, I need lovin.

Dunno where from.

I love Mum and Dad so much. They r brill!

I need different, aldult loving from a young woman though…

Another day…

There is no reason to stay in Cardiff any…

if you’re drunk.

End August 2002 (caned)

Bin to Reading Festival: it was wicked.

Very fucked the whole time. Don’t worry, be happy.

Work has been difficult but I think I’m getting with it!

Working 2moro which is Saturday, but then going on a road trip with Rhyss, Rich, Sooze and Si to see Jason for a house-warming party.

I think Nada may be back, (as I had missed call from an unknown no.) which is weird ‘coz I thought she had gone forever…

Oh, yeah. Me ’n’ Steve’ve won the bloody round-the-world plane tickets!!

The ‘It’s a Scream’ chain of pubs which my Brother worked for…

For most people, that’s how many times you get to die.

Mufid Majnun,

Like other things, most things, I’m different.

I got to die for a day and then come back, with no memory of how I got there (hospital) or why I was alive again, rather than dead.

I had no real reason to want to live. I had aced my A-Levels and got 2 A’s and a B, to the surprise of everyone, especially Mr D, my English-Lit. teacher who predicted me a C, I got an A.


A too in Business, which I had gone on to study…

Still has some mileage.

1st July 2002

Dumped by Jane again. How bad luck/shit comes in little flurries!

I’m pissed-off and want her back but not sure whether she is actually good for me. I don’t think I’m particularly good for her either. We do wind each other up, a lot.

I don’t know what to think: she’s pretty mad, but also pretty cool. Sex? What’s up? I never really got any when I was seeing her, so it’s not much different now!!

I really need sex though and it was SO good with Jane last time.

I do know that I really…

Sex, Pills and Sniff.

Becks couldn’t care less about me. She’s not that hot, if I look for bad things — but otherwise — I’M FUCKING GUTTED!

But she said she can still get me wicked pills.

So there. dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot …..

Next day.

Pulled Liz again. Wouldn’t mind giving things a go with her, she’s fine, (foxy), funny — into drugs a bit and has a similar way of looking at life as I do. She’s also become a good friend. I love her — but I’m not sure how, exactly…

Took 4 pills this weekend. This is the…

Generations of the Half-Light.

We’re gonna live forever.

Mid January 2002

After having money stolen from me (or losing it in my extreme drunken state) I rant, focusing the hate and disappointment I feel with myself and the loneliness that eats away at the core of my being, and I dawb a load of shite and idiotic abuse over a few pages, which I then edit heavily a few years later to remove the negativity from the journal, with this note:

Adjustments made with hindsight- don’t want negative energy around this book, #keep it higher#

I also write in drunken scrawl:

Thinking that drink ruined past relationships is Bollox!!

I fucked up everything…

Generations of the Half-Light.

11th September 2001.

Rhyss phoned to meet me in the pub for a pint, I went, pleading poverty. I had about £15 in the whole world and I was planning to buy some food with it, many meals worth of food, actually, from the Tesco-value-9p-tins-of beans-supermarket.

However, Rhyss was really keen to eat and drink out, so that’s what we did: he bought some lunch for us to share and bought me a few pints. We had just finished our food, sat at the tables in the Beer-garden, (a couple of picnic benches,) next to the quiet-road.

Rhyss had…

Generations of the Half-Light.


Late May 2001.

Eminems’ music:

Yeah, fair enuff most sensible people won’t do what his music sez, but …people r fucked and listen 2 it. If they are pissed-off with life as well, then it does give deranged minds, fuel.


So, is it bad? PROBLY.

Probly NOT.

Problems! Hannah is backing away, maybe found another (richer) guy?

I should ask her these questions if I get the chance:

If I’s staying in Cardiff next year — would that make a difference?

What woz it, that made her think, me and her were bad together, or wouldn’t…

Generations of the Half-Light.


Coming back after the Pub, Steve’s coming back for a smoke, got tunes to play, blast out some parteeee! Happy days!

Piss, Tea, Beer, TUNES, TUNES, first. Need to get mine on before Rhyss decides it’s his turn to be Selector…ok. Skin up, up, up, more Tea, Beer, Rhyss’s on the tunes now, it’s ok as long as he’d bloody hurry up with this spliff, ok we’ve all had a few — it’s about 3.30am, but no point wasting time not smoking, day will soon be upon us!

Steve’s looking a little worse for wear, he…

Generations of the Half-Light.

Lovely Ladies. March 2001.

It is much fuckin’ easier for me, to pull a young bird; 17, 18, 19, than a 20, 21 year-old, as I look so bloody young and they seem to want a bloke a few years older.

And richer?

Smarter?! Fuck off!! :P

I want a lady my own age or a year younger, living with parents is no good.

With regards to Vix, she cocked me up. She didn’t speak to me 2night, at all. Yeah, she obviously loves me!! I’m well pissed off!!!!! (signed) Peter

‘Take me dancing naked in the rain!’ Blue Pearl.

Lessons' Lifetimes- Generations of the Half-Light.

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